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Finding Student Accommodation in Sunderland

Going away to university for the first time is a fairly daunting prospect. What will the other students be like? Will you fit in? Will you like your course? Will you be able to do the work? And, perhaps most importantly, and certainly pretty important to your parents, where will you live? Well, if you’re going off to the University of Sunderland this autumn, and you’re looking for student flats or student houses in Sunderland, then you really ought to take a look at Student Accommodation in Sunderland, and their website www.studentaccommodationinsunderland.com.

Let’s face it, the traditional image of student accommodation has not always been 100% positive. But those days are long gone if you rent with Student Accommodation in Sunderland. They have a stock of high quality student accommodation, including flats, all within walking distance of the university. Prices start at just £45 per week for a good-sized room within walking distance of the university. If you prefer the peace of mind of having all the bills included, so that you know exactly what to budget for each week, then you can have that from just £65 per week, with super-fast wireless broadband thrown in.

For more information, or to find student accommodation in Sunderland, call 0191 510 0337 or complete the contact form on the website at http://studentaccommodationinsunderland.com/.